Data Upload - Upload your data (identification & peak list file pair)

Supported identification file formats: mzIdentML and csv.
Supported peak list file formats: mzML, mgf and ms2 (+ zip/gz archives of supported files).
Maximum file size: 500 Mb
Privacy: Your uploaded data will be kept private unless you choose to make it publicly available upon saving. We will not make use of your data or provide access to others.
mzML: Filter out MS1 spectra to reduce file size and upload/parsing time. (e.g. 'MS level 2-' in MSconvert)
csv: download example .csv (corresponding peak list file)
Identification file: Select a mzIdentML or csv file to upload
Peak list file(s): Select a mzML, mgf or zip file to upload.

PRIDE data access

Data Input - Manually input your spectrum data